scourge poster
image and render by Matt Highison

Scourge of the Vampire: This was our senior thesis project in college. I played many parts on this project some of the more important ones are: concept, director & render technician. There was a team of 14 people who contributed to this project. Through the extreme dedication of a few of those people, we were able to pull off something which I am proud to have been a part of.
This film has been shown at: Siggraph 2007, the spooky movie film festival, The AI, CA SF animation festival 2007.
I am proud to announce that Scourge of the Vampire won honorable mention in the student film, Storytelling/Narrative portion of Siggraph 2007 (see below). Thank you to the entire team for helping to bring this vision to reality.

Download Scourge of the Vampire (84.5 MB) MPG4 codec
Download the Siggraph version (118 MB) Sorensen compression

contact: [email protected]

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